Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Big Goals Day 3

I have endured many things during the past three months. I have learned a lot about myself God and my life. IT has meaning and purpose. I am grateful to have had these trials. It made me appreciate what I had. I also learned that my first impressions when I pray are usually right. The priesthood of God is the most powerful thing on earth. It helps us and guides us as men use this power to bless the lives of others, it is as if the Savior is standing beside me.
I have been cleared for good health. Heart is fixed and cancer is gone. I FINALLY can exercise. Today was an exciting day. I walked 1.7 miles and jogged/walked a mile. The mile was my first in a very long time. I did it in 17:30 which for a morbidly obese person like myself is pretty good. I have decided to write on my blog again because I have two major goals int eh next few years, and I want to write about my challenges and successes. I want to get healthier and lose over 100 lbs. I am starting with a smaller goal of 32 lbs and I hope to do that by my birthday on May 28th. This will be a great achievement as I will get out of a pound range I have been stuck in for years and I will be 20 lbs thinner than when I met my husband. I am doign good right now eating right and exercising. It feels so good. When I start my day with prayer and scripture study(or readign a general conference talk, I have good days)
My second goal in the process of taking better care of myself and losign weight and getting more healthy, is to hopefully if it is God's will get pregnant. I REALLY want to have twins and I need to get in shape and have the energy to handle them! I knwo if this is God's will it cna happen. I would be happy with just one sweet baby. If I have a boy I will name him Zerin. If I have a girl, I would love the name Sophie. If I have twin boys.. Herb likes the name Jaxon.. I like it spelled Jaxen. With effort and faith and prayer and miracles these good things can come to me.
Secondly I have a dream of running the Paris Marathon one day. I can imagine myself running hte streets of Paris happy and healthy. It will take a lot of hard work and training. This goal has replaced the old one I had of becoming a black belt. After my car accident, this was no longer possible. GO me! I really feel I can do this.

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  1. Ok, Sandy, I expect great things on this blog - am linking it to mine. Also, glad to hear about your heart being better. Skin cancer's scary, but when compared to what makes your body run, I'm really glad to hear your heart is doing well. Good job on the mile! I am happy to help you out with the 5K. Give me a call if you want to go for a jog - your neighborhood (nice and flat) or mine (good hills). :) I need to get out, too.